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Exhibition Gallery Talks: Legitimacy of Landscape

Exhibition Gallery Talks: Legitimacy of Landscape

Participation included in the museum entry fee

Photographer Yaakov Israel, and political geographer and exhibition curator Dr. Mark Long in discussion about of cultural landscapes of Israel – Palestine today* (discussion in English)

Friday, February 8 2019, 11 a.m. - participation included in the museum. 
entry fee

Yaakov Israel’s artistic practice is about discovering a people’s geography of Israel/Palestine to represent people often overlooked in social, economic and political terms.  In this exhibition, Israel seeks out the Other in the guise of the inhabitants of the Palestinian Villages.  His large format landscape photographs are deliberately devoid of the Palestinians who live there.  Their absence in the photographs parallels their invisibility for much of the country’s Jewish Israeli population.  Join the artist Yaakov Israel and exhibition curator Mark Long in conversation about those cultural landscapes.

Dr. Mark Long, a political geographer is a lecturer in political science at the Charleston College, South Carolina

The museum director, Nadim Shiban, and photographer Yaakov Yisrael, in conversation about childhood, landscapes and yearning.

Friday, February 22 2019, 11 a.m. - participation included in the museum entry fee

Shiban comes from a Christian Palestinian family, from the Galilean village of Rama. He lived there until the age of 18, and did not meet any Jews. Then he swapped village for city, and relocated to Jerusalem where he attended the Hebrew University. Israel, who comes from a family of immigrants from South Africa and Rhodesia, was born in the Jerusalem district of Kiryat Hayovel, where he still lives. Shiban and Yisrael will talk about their childhood and the exhibition landscapes that are interwoven into the memory of their childhood, in the village and the city.

Political geographer Dr. Ariel Handel and photographer Yaakov Yisrael talking about photography, visibility, and landscape legitimacy across Israel and the West Bank

Friday, March 8 2019, 11 a.m. - participation included in the museum entry fee

The gallery talk will addresses issues of photography, visibility and landscape legitimacy across Israel and the West Bank. The pair will talk about the unusual photographic format and practice, the photographed Palestinian landscape, and the role of the photographer as a documentarist and as a partner in the photographed domain. The conversation will also look at the relationship between Yaakov Yisrael’s photographic series and the long tradition of photography in the Holy Land and, on the other hand, at military intelligence images, about photography as a civilian activity in domains of power and control; and about the significance of presenting the Palestinian domain at at time when it seems that many would prefer to keep it under wraps.