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Move by Ear

Show date: Thursday, 20/2/2020 at 7 p.m. (60 mins.)

Price: NIS 40, in advance

To purchase tickets:

Come and feel, experience and enjoy Move by Ear, a surprising, experiential, innovative and funny show to be enjoyed by anyone, even those who are not fans of dance. This is an interactive dance production by Dana Rottenberg. The show moves through the areas of the museum and allows the spectator to choose the soundtrack for the work! Each spectator receives an audio guide which enables them, at any stage of the show, to choose what they want to hear. The soundtracks vary between different texts, a range of musical works and other surprises…

What the critics say:

Move by Ear 2.0 by the Dana Rottenberg dance company is a surprising, experiential enjoyable, fun and delicious show. Not only can each spectator choose what they want to hear we also move through the museum and take an active role, standing up, sitting down or lying down. The soundtrack is also surprising. It fuses street level texts and different styles of musical creations. The interior of the museum is an integral part of the experience, and the works exhibited there are revisited in a manner which enables the spectator to gain a fresh perspective on them.

Einat Sagie Alfaseh, YNET