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Curator: Dr. Sigal Barkai


The exhibition shines a light on a new phenomenon in Jewish society and Palestinian society in Israel. Women who come from conservative societies create art that breaks through the boundaries of the societies from which they come. The exhibition will feature the work of 15 women Palestinian and religious Jewish artists which express defiance, anger, a sense of suffocation, longing for release and a desire to break through the boundaries of the traditional gender roles. They express the intolerable tension that exists between the digital-global domain, by virtue of which they are exposed to events in other worlds, and the upholding of patterns of repression of women in the societies in which they live. Nevertheless, the exhibiting artists chose to live in their communities and to create in a domain of individual freedom critical awareness.


In their work, the Jewish artists strike out against social decrees that motivate them to give birth multiple times, and chain them to the burden of caring for the children. The Arab artists protest against the violence that is inflicted on women, in the name of “the family’s honor.” Both groups of women relate to the laws of modesty as erasing and limiting their personal and independent identity. They position themselves between the generation of the mothers who kept silent, and were silenced, and the young girls who are anxious about their fate and future. All the works raise complex issues un the contexts of the female body, such as democracy and freedom of choice, control over female sexuality, covering and revealing, gender roles, repression, discrimination and exploitation of women.


Participating artists: Rawan Abu Filat, Fatima Abu Roomi, Andi Arnovitz, Miriam Barzesky, Hanna Goldberg, Majda Halabi, Rahmi Hamzi, Hila Karabelnikov-Paz, Leah Leukstein, Yara Mahajena, Hyam Mustafa, Ruba Salameh, Fatma Shanan, Shira Zelwer, Amira Ziyan