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Guided Tours of the "Khamsa Khamsa Khamsa" Exhibition

The tour of the exhibition will follow the story of the khamsa, one of the most widespread artifacts and motifs in folk culture. Over the years, the khamsa progressed from a traditional object with a magical function, both in Moslem and Jewish culture to become an iconic artifact that represents folk culture and art. In a process of cultural evolution the production of the khamsa took on commercial proportions, and worked its way into numerous areas of life: street posters and billboards, businesses and public institutions, key holders and pendants hung in vehicles. Many sectors of the public, today, use the khamsa and it has become an integral part of the national identity of Israel in 2018.

Guided tours of the exhibition take place on Shabbat up to August 31, at 11 a.m. and 12 noon. Between July 23 and August 23 guided tours will also be conducted Sunday-Thursday at 12 noon.

The cost of the tour is included in the price of the entry ticket to the museum.

There is no need for prior registration.

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