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Bal Khamsa Aleikum – Marrakesh Express

Bal Khamsa Aleikum – Marrakesh Express

August 16 2018, Thursday, 8 p.m. 60 NIS
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Marrakesh Express is an oriental groove-Mediterranean band with Moroccan and Andalusian influences, mixed with French chansons, flamenco and classical Arabic music. The show repertoire songs from home, numbers inspired by the lifecycle, as well as songs that reference superstition and the evil eye in different languages (Hebrew, French, Arabic, Moroccan, Ladino and others). The songs will be performed based on special arrangements, and the show will include verbal explanations. This is an experiential, fascinating and enriching show which brings together western and eastern cultures in a special and moving way.

With: Noa Ben Shushan – vocals, Idan Toledano – oud and guitar, Uri Fondi Dekel – percussion, Ligal Sofer- Violin.


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