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Khamsa Thursday Events

Good luck tours throughout Jerusalem

Thursdays – June 14 2018, July 12 2018, August 9 2018, August 30 2018, September 27 2018, October 25 2018

Starting at 4 p.m., ending at 8 p.m.

Cost: NIS 120 each

Tours, led by tour guide Nurit Basel, in the footsteps of the Hamsa that started out as a charm for protection against the evil eye, both in Moslem culture and in Jewish culture, and became a sort of iconic artifact that represents folk culture and folklore.

The tours will start from the Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa exhibition, which features precisely 555 hamsot, and will continue on to the Mahaneh Yehuda shuk and the Nachlaot neighborhood. The participants in the tour will visit the Cursed House and the Blessed House, learn how to cure various ailments, how to banish the evil eye, and how to protect the home from spirits. All this and more will be part of a tour which is both serious and will raise a smile.

Tour timetable:

16:00 – Coffee and pastry get together, and preliminary chat at the Museum for Islamic Art.

16:15 – Tour of the Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa exhibition.

17:00 – Travel to the city center on a comfortable tourist bus.

17:30-19:30 – Walking tour led by tour guide Nurit Basel to sites and points of interest.

19:30 – Drive back to the museum.

Estimated finishing time – 20:00

Price per participant – NIS 120
Registration for the tour should be completed in advance, on the museum web site, or by calling: 02-5661291
Minimum number of participants required per tour – 20
Should a tour be cancelled the museum will make every effort to include registrants in a later tour
Notification of tour cancellation will be conveyed individually, by telephone or email up to 3 days prior to the original tour date

Registration for tours:

Registration for the tour on Thursday June 14 2018

Registration for the tour on Thursday July 17 2018

Registration for the tour on Thursday August 9 2018

Registration for the tour on Thursday August 30 2018

Registration for the tour on Thursday September 27 2018

Registration for the tour on Thursday October 25 2018

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