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The Middle Line – Sufi-Inspired Music and Dance

The Middle Line – Sufi-Inspired Music and Dance

Sufi dance is identified with the mystical tradition of Islam and, in particular, with the Whirling Dervish order. It is considered a type of prayer, and the revolving dance form has always been related to as a means of connection, commitment and remembrance, and one of the physical ways of achieving intoxication.

Choreographer Orit Succary and musician Yaron Pe’er sweep the audience away with a show of Sufi music and dance to sacred intent and inner exploration to Sufi remembrance and emotion faithfulness, as the fulcrum of the here and now. Join the odyssey to the flight of spirit and movement, using the senses and sounds of one great infinite spiral.

Orit Succary:

Choreographer, dancer, artist and movement healer, researcher of female dance, the sacred dance and the influences of music and dance along the Silk Road for over 17 years. Orit offers knowledge of the ancient dances and delves into contemporary personal authentic movement, through movement healing and by pioneering the method in Israel. She has performed with top musicians from Israel and around the world, teaches dance and yoga, lectures on the Silk Road and produces world music shows.

Yaron Pe’er:

Yaron Pe’er is a musician and multitalented artist. He is an instrumentalist who specializes in ancient and rare string instruments, an independent artist, and a Hebrew language poet and composer. Yaron’s oeuvre takes in classical Indian music, Sufi singing, Afghani music, ancient Cretan music and spoken poetry based on the metrics of ancient Greece, and folk and rural poetry.


Yaron Pe’er – Afghani rabab, compositions, musical direction
Eitan Refuah – piano, vocals, Persian drum
Boaz Galili – lyre and kamanche


Orit Succary – choreography, dance and production
Sima Lahat – dance
Noa Primer – dance

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