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Repositioning: Old Objects, New Artworks

Repositioning: Old Objects, New Artworks

Alon Razgour, exhibition curator

Opening: Thursday | 11.05.2017

Objects in themselves have no importance other than what we assign them. Each of the twelve artists in this exhibition – architects, designers, plastic artists and video artists – chose an object in the museum’s permanent collection to inspire a new work, giving the object a personal interpretation, and extending it or filling it with new content.

Loading objects with values, characteristics, stories and memories is a very human quality. The works displayed here do not deal with the physical character, form or uses of the object, but raise questions that go beyond them, to the social, environmental, historical or personal baggage it carries.

In addition to the works that were created especially for “Repositioning,” and therefore have a connection with the museum’s own exhibits, the exhibition includes works by other artists that deal with the documentation of objects and their significance for us. Along with the commissioned works, they highlight how much our physical possessions shape our consciousness and identity, and how much they reflect us ourselves.

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