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Woman. Life. Freedom


Curator: Orly Cohen

Opening Date: 2/3/23

Closing Date: 1/4/23

What is the role of art in times of protests and revolutions?

Over the four decades since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iranian artists have felt compelled to support the cry of rebellion by amplifying the collective voice and spreading the message through innovative tactics and unconventional means, especially literature, and poetry. Over recent years, social media has become a platform for the publication of visual artworks that reflect the multifaceted protest art in Iran.

The exhibition Five examines the Iranian protest that began in September 2022 through the stories of five women, out of hundreds, that the price of opposing an extremist regime with their bodies and lives. They are a symbol, and their characters have been commemorated in artwork by contemporary Iranian artists across social media. This

visual art tells a story of hope, defiance, unity, and courage displayed by a nation defying an extremist regime.

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