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System Ali hosts Esther Rada!

White night at the Museum for Islamic Art

Celebrating the new academic year and international Tolerance Week

System Ali hosts Esther Rada!


Thursday | 21/11/19 | From 9 p.m, and into the night

Free admission, based on availability


21:00 System Ali hosting Esther Rada

System Ali is a unique band, home to ten creators who have been working together for over a decade. The creation of System Ali is the result of a loaded and uncompromising encounter between identities, personal stories and sources of inspiration.

The band's songs are written and performed in six languages ​​- Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, Yiddish and Amharic, the native languages ​​of the writers.

Systam Ali was born in the Ajma neighborhood of Jaffa, from the struggle for housing rights in the city. Since then, it has held a profound political and educational activity out of, and for, the communities from which it grows.

Esther Rada, one of the most prominent and beloved musicians of the new generation in Israel, is hosted in the show. With two albums and IPs that drew crowds and gave her local and international success, and accompanied by a fine team of players, Rada rose to hundreds of stages across five continents, presenting the unique musical mix between soul / groove / jazz and Ethiopian music.

23:00  DJ Bamia takes the stage with a New Middle East party, into the little hours of the night.

*the Jerusalem Foundation supports the event*


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