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The Middle Middle East

The Middle Middle East     


Concept: Oded Ben Yehuda

Design: Oded Ben Yehuda, Ilai Ovadia


Opening: Thursday, June 13,

Closing: Saturday, August 31,

* Entrance to the exhibition is free during the Jerusalem Design week: June 13 - 19

We are born into a certain reality. A certain geography, history, climate, culture, conventions, class, traditions, values and principles. A reality that influences the way we live and act, which fixates the way we see things and think about them. A subjective reality.

A collection of twenty messages, narratives that have been embedded within our collective memory, express a local paradox. Their mere existence will not allow a solution to the conflict within which the state of Israel exists within the middle eastern landscape, yet does not function as part of it.

In this project, which follows a research executed by Oded Ben Yehuda for his Masters degree in London where he disassembled and analyzed the term “Middle East”, he wishes to review the option of changing the said reality, and the stigmas, cliches, and traditional and fixated way of thought. By eliminating the borders of Israel and uniting it with its neighbours, a new state is formed״ :The Middle Middle East״ - which aims at redefining a reality in which foes become neighbours, and neighbours become countrymen.

We are born into a certain reality, identity, faith, starting point which is out of our control.

Or are we?

Gallery talks with Oded Ben Yehuda will take place on:

Wednesday, June 18, 18:00 - Entrance is free of charge

Saturday, June 29, 12:00 - Participation is included in admission fee to the museum



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