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The Nightingale from Shechunat Hatikvah


Tour dates: Friday June 21 2019, Friday July 5 2019, Friday August 9 2019

Tour hours: 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

The tours will be conducted in Hebrew

Ticket price: NIS 80 (including free entry to the Jewelry Making: Past & Present exhibition at the Museum for Islamic Art )

Meeting point: Kedumim Square in Old Jaffa (details of the precise location will be provided on registration)


Ofra Haza was one of the most important and prominent figures in Israeli music in the 1980s and 1990s, and one of the few Israeli vocalists who developed a successful global career. However, despite her great success, she never forgot her roots, the place where it all started, her parents’ home in Shechunat Hatikvah.


For the first time, Ofra’s brother, Yair Haza, will guide a number of tours which will introduce the participants to Ofra’s image, the landscapes of her childhood, the stories, smells and flavors which were a part of her world. The tour takes in her childhood home, on Boaz Street in the Shechunat Hatikvah neighborhood, the synagogue their father established, the elementary school Ofra attended to the technical club where Ofra Haza first held a microphone in her hand, as the club’s lead singer, The tour also features the place where she was first discovered as a singer with a special voice, and Hatikvah Garden where a monument was placed in her memory.


** The tour starts with a visit to the open studio of jewelry maker Benzion David. It is located in an Ottoman building in the Artists’ Quarter of Old Jaffa. Benzion, an eighth generation jewelry maker from Yemen, designed some of the Yemenite jewelry items worn by Ofra Haza on stage, and which are currently on display in the Jewelry Making: Past & Present exhibition bat the Museum for Islamic Art. During the visit to the studio the visitors will observe Benzion’s work and will visit the jewelry gallery there.


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