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Code name: Hands of Fate

Because you can’t escape history!


 Close to 40 years have passed since the great watch and clock heist, and the world’s most famous timepiece collection is, once again, in danger!

Intelligence information we have received indicates that an international shadow organization has hired the services of The Dragon, a spy once employed by the CIA, in order to get its hands on the world most precious watch, the Marie Antoinette watch, and a number of other valuable items from the Museum for Islamic Art.

 We need an astute and daring team in order to stop The Dragon and to prevent the serious crime from taking place.


Time is short and the clock is ticking.

 Will you be the ones to carry out the mission?!



Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday: During the museum’s opening hours

The cost includes the museum entrance fee:

Individual ticket – NIS 60

Couples (per person) – NIS 50

Groups of 3 or more (per person) – NIS 45


* The Escape Room, Code Name: Hands of Fate is suitable for adults and children from the age of 14



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