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City Tour – Trespassing

Friday February 21, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Price: NIS 120
incl. light refreshments, a guided tour of the Trespassing exhibition, and transportation to tour location.

Meeting point: Museum for Islamic Art


For tickets: 


The charming alleyways of the bohemian Nachlaot and ultra-orthodox Mekor Baruch neighborhoods conceal stories about women – religious, powerful women who dared to bend quite a few borders in the society in which they live and work.

The tour leader is Noa Leah Cohen, a doctoral student of contemporary Jewish art. She also manages the first gallery in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood (Mekor Baruch) which was established by the first secular Israeli Jews to become religious: Rabbi Uri Zohar, Mordehai (Pupik) Arnon and Ikka Yisraeli. The tour will start from the Shelter Gallery, and pass by the first ultra-orthodox graffiti wall. After that we will meet Batya Malakh whose work includes creating a new stream in the ultra-orthodox education systems (ultra-orthodox – state stream) which serves as a model for the whole country. Later we will meet ultra-orthodox singer Rika Razael who performs before mixed female-male audiences. The tour through the neighborhoods and to the various locations will be on foot.