The "Correspondence" exhibition is now closed. Visit this page again in the following weeks to learn about the new current exhibition.


13 of the most prominent Arab artists creating in Israel today, in a new group exhibition

“Correspondence” attempts to reveal the dialogue between its own culture and the culture of the other, whether in politics, social affairs, fear and doubt or curiosity and the desire for knowledge. Some of these elements can provoke controversy while others may give rise to civilized, humane dialogue and correspondence. The exhibition expropriates some of the artists’ cultural assets, since he or she is here observed as being preoccupied with, angry at and influenced by the culture of an other in an age of Modernism, globalization and Zionism. It is a situation which pits the artist against fearful intellectual dinosaurs, which he or she challenges as if trying to tame and subdue, or perhaps even to understand and internalize. The artists try to understand what it is that Modernism wants to impose on us, but on the other hand they also want to understand what fundamentalism and heritage are trying to impose. And at the same time they try to understand the impositions made by globalization. The question of what tools and techniques should an artist on either side of civilization adopt in order to achieve his or her own unique self-realization is central to the artist's work.